Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year, New Start

How I love to start projects right after Christmas!  The cards and shopping are done, the cooking and baking are done.  Wonderful time of the year to curl up with a needle or needles!

But wait....  I have unfinished projects.

If I apply that post-Christmas ambition to those UFOs, I could make REAL progress.

So, for the last 20 - 25 years, I have designated January as the month of NO NEW STARTS (unless it is for a class).

Since my favorite part of any project is starting it, this just kills me (I got the cutest kit today!!) but I will wait till 12:01AM on February 1st.

Besides getting things done, it starts out my list of completions with a bang and I just want to keep adding to it. 

As I've tried to decided what the lucky projects are, I thought I should make a list of intentions for the month of January and here it is:

1.  Lori Smith's "Anna's Garden" All inner blocks are appliqued, two corner blocks made, one side border appliqued.  Just need to finish those three sides, two corners, wash the blocks and assemble.
Nice handpiecing for movie time.

2.  Lori Holt's "Quilty Fun" row quilt. I just need to make the two solid rows and one more narrow row, border squares and assemble.

3.  Matchmaker runner for DVQ quilt show.

4.  Indigo challenge

5.  Quilt the Eskimo quilt

Wish me luck!

Oh, and by the way, I went to Katie's Club at Calico Hutch today and she said we had to have 5 blocks done on our new project before the beginning of February.  I do get to start something new!

Happy stitching!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sew, Mama, Sew

What fun to follow the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway Day. I've discovered some very interesting blogs and gotten TONS of new ideas, added lots of bookmarks....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Need to Finish Your Item

Recently someone shared this link in a group.

It has the finishing details for so many different items. Great tutorials.

Time to get out some of those unfinished projects now that I know how to finish them.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some great blogs

Time to resurrect this blog I think. It's been too long and there are so many interesting things out there now and so many blogs ask for your website. And I want to get in on the fun!

Since joining the Seasons BOM (Thanks Sandi Anderson!), I have found so many interesting blogs.

I thought I'd share a few of my favorites.

One of favorites is: She has wonderful tutorials, is an organizing genius and very talented. On the side bar, she has links to some other wonderful blogs.

Barbara Brackman's special Civil War blog boasts a free block each week along with history and a finishing plan for the 52 blocks.

Those of you who know I LOVE miniature quilts will not be surprised to find this is another favorite.

And a blog from my favorite blogger:

What's your favorite blog? I'd love to check it out, too.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

fall color week

Lower Falls and Devil's Kettle from summit

Fall Color Week on the North Shore, Sept 23 - 25th

We were the lucky ones who were invited to spend a few days with Engquists at "The Cabin" near Little Marais.

Our drive 'Up North' included a stop in Duluth to see two ships go under the lift bridge and a quick burger at Grandma's. The cool breeze felt great after the hot weather we left at home.

The 'road' to the cabin looked like a dropoff, but we found the place thanks to good directions. What a beautiful spot of the shore of Lake Superior!

Monday morning was supposed to be rainy so we had a quick breakfast on left on our "Color Run" while we had the glorious sun. We began our morning with a hike up the trail and down the stairs to Caribou Falls. Such color! The water was so high, it was hard to believe their grandkids swam at the base of the falls a few weeks before that.

From there we went on a back road to the Wild Country maple syrup collecting area. There they have 60 miles of hose to collect the sap of the maples (and boxelders!) We got syrup for our waffles and some for our pantry.

It was a short drive to Lutsen and the gondola lift to the top of Moose Mountain. The colors were out in glory and we enjoyed them as we lunched on the deck of Summit Chalet and walked up to the lookout.

Grand Marais was our next stop (coffee time!) and a chance to window shop a little. Still too early for dinner, and no rain yet, we decided to try the hike at Judge Magney State Park up to the Devil's Kettle. It was a mile uphill but the views were wonderful! The guys decided to go down the numerous flights of stairs to view the falls up close while Carolyn and I enjoyed the view from the top.

Dinner was at the mouth of the river at Naniboujou Lodge. Built in 1928-29, it was the club house for a private, by invitation only, resort. If it weren't for the stock market crash shortly after the opening, the whole length of the river would have 1000 cabins on it! It was designed to have Cree Indian motifs and the interior painting is original. Our salads had a maple balsamic dressing, fresh blueberries, goat cheese and dried cherries. What a great comination - try it sometime! Read about the lodge on their website:

If you are a reader, you might enjoy Monica Ferris' book "Unraveled Sleeve" where detective Betsy Devonshire goes to a retreat at Naniboujou and sees the Devil's Kettle. Carolyn introduced me to the book and then the Lodge.

Tuesday we did get the rainy overcast day so we had a liesurely waffle breakfast. We walked down on the rocks below the cabin to see the lake and the area around it. Beautiful! (If you have a couple spare millions, you can buy the point near their place.)

Seemed like a good day for a tour of the Split Rock Lighthouse Museum. Great movie (don't miss it) and guides in coustume made this a really neat day.

Tom grilled us killer steaks before we needed to leave for home. Hated to go; it was sooooo beautiful! Thanks Tom and Carolyn (and Charlie!)

If I did this correctly, the pictures can be seen by clicking on the link below.

North Shore Color Week 2007

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What's Old is New - Part I

We've had the Pontiac Tempest for over 20 years - and it's time for a tuneup. It went to the body shop late '04 or early '05.

Here's the progress as of August of '05 -


The body work is done now, the engine is painted as well as the underside of the hood and trunk. Looking good! More photos to follow!